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Campus Life & Services

New Westminster's beautiful boardwalkNo Better Place to Become a Naturopathic Doctor!

We offer an outstanding educational experience in the perfect location. Known for its stunning natural beauty - with towering mountains, parks, beaches and more, beautiful British Columbia is an ideal fit for the outdoor enthusiast and the best place to study naturopathic medicine.

The Boucher Institute is located in the three-storey Boucher Centre in the heart of New Westminster, British Columbia. Conveniently located adjacent to the Columbia Skytrain Station, Boucher is only minutes from downtown Vancouver and many popular attractions such as Yaletown, Robson Street, Gastown, Granville Island, Stanley Park, Chinatown and the North Shore Mountains - to name a few!

The mighty Fraser River and stunning Pier Park, with its beach volleyball courts, riverfront walkways, gardens and more is just one block south of the school and is a popular relaxation spot for students. Boucher students can be found during lunch hour and after classes shooting hoops, playing 3 on 3 beach volleyball, tossing a Frisbee, walking along the waterfront, meditating on the grass, tending to the Boucher Botanical Garden, or resting in one of the many hammocks in Pier Park.



Student Services

Student Services Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable, personalized, trustworthy and compassionate service and support for members of our community in their individual and collective journeys of self-discovery and personal development. We strive to foster a learning environment where students feel safe, encouraged and included in all aspects of their educational experience so they have the tools necessary to grow into confident, balanced and ultimately successful naturopathic doctors.

Our Services include:

New Student Orientation

The first day of orientation is the start of a significant chapter of our students’ lives. The program is inspiring and demanding and the education is a transition for students into their new roles in society, as doctors. Orientation is a time to meet and connect with one’s classmates and is a critical opportunity to explore the ups and downs of one’s inner resources and how these ebbs and flows impact others. Orientation will explore what these ups and downs mean for each student and how their peers can offer support - and how each student can support their peers. By the end of the week, each new student should have a practical, realistic and inspired understanding of our community.

Personal Counselling

Student Services is pleased to offer free counselling to Boucher community members. A community member can be a student or an intimate family member or partner of a student. Student Services sees each student holistically, and if someone close to you is having difficulty, and this difficulty is impacting your ability to be successful at Boucher, then we may be able to help him or her too.

Our counsellors are here to help you live to your full potential. Our goal is to help you be the best ND possible.

Financial Aid

See Financial Assistance.

Wellness Initiatives

wellness initiativeEach cohort has one or two wellness representatives who monitor the culture, atmosphere and mood of the student body and offer events to support the health and well-being of Boucher students. Wellness initiatives are supported by Student Services to encourage a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom.

 Health Care

Boucher students are able to access the Boucher Institute Medical Clinic free of charge starting the first day of orientation. A student’s family is always considered a part of the Boucher community. Each student can apply for up to four memberships for family and friends to use the clinic at the discounted rate of 20 dollars per visit.  Spouses and significant others have free access.

Students also have free access to massage appointments at West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) located two blocks down the street (613 Columbia Street).  

Students of the Boucher Institute are eligible to apply for non-medical evidence extended health coverage offered by Great West Life (this plan is administered by Great West Life, not by the Boucher Institute). Registration on this plan is optional. The ComboPlus - Starter Plan offers benefits such as:

  • Prescription medication and ambulance service (including air service) – No deductible
  • Dental care (i.e. cleanings, scalings, fillings and examinations) – No deductible or waiting period to start enjoying dental benefits
  • Medical supplies (i.e. mobility aids, diabetic equipment, diagnostic lab and x-ray services)
  • Vision benefits
  • Hearing benefits
  • In-home nursing care and paramedical services (i.e. naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychologist, acupuncturist) as well as other health professionals
  • Emergency Travel coverage
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Survivor benefits and more

The plan offers Boucher students an affordable extended health coverage which often costs less than a family or employee plan and it includes benefits specifically valuable to students.

Social and Sporting Events

social and sporting events

Student Services is pleased to put on a number of events to enhance the student experience throughout the academic year:

  • Spirit of the Season Celebration
  • Year End Celebration and Talent Show
  • Power Up Mingler
  • Financial Aid Lunch and Learns
  • Weekly Meditation
  • Boucher Annual Volleyball Tournament
  • Boucher Annual Soccer Tournament
  • Dust Bowl: Boucher Annual Ball Hockey Tournament

Student Liaison Meeting and Town Hall

Once per month, a Student Liaison Meeting is held between the members of the administration and representatives of the BNSA. These meetings are typically held over the lunch hour on the first Wednesday of the month. Once per term, the Student Liaison Meeting is a “Town Hall” meeting where all students and Administration are invited and encouraged to attend. The Town Hall meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of the middle month of each term. The format of the Town Hall meeting follows that of the regular Student Liaison Meetings but is open to all members of the Boucher community, who are encouraged to voice their opinion on the agenda topics, or add topics to the agenda that they would like to discuss. Both the Student Liaison and Town Hall meetings are chaired by the Dean of Student Services.

The mandate of this committee is to:

  • Address student concerns and facilitate communication between students and administration
  • Give feedback on the effective articulation between the academic and clinical segments of the program
  • Identify students’ needs, and ways and means of providing for those needs

Alumni Relations

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine is proud of our growing number of alumni and their various accomplishments and successes. The Boucher Institute started a formal Alumni Association to support all alumni and to help carry the strong relationships and connections created during studies into the professional community. The goal is to create a life-long connection between alumni/alumnae and the Boucher Institute, between alumni/alumnae and the community and to serve as a platform to foster relationships, both personal and professional, among our growing community of practicing graduates.

The Boucher Naturopathic Students' Association

The Boucher Naturopathic Students’ Association

bnsa logo

The Boucher Institute has a dynamic and engaged study body led by the Boucher Naturopathic Students' Association (BNSA). Founded in 2003, the BNSA is the voice of the student body at Boucher and is active in organizing many student events and activities throughout the year and encourages Boucher students to get involved in student life on campus. The BNSA is a registered society which is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia and our own BNSA By-Laws.

The BNSA Council meets on a monthly basis and holds their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election every May.

The BNSA currently consists of 25 enthusiastic Boucher students who work hard to represent you in different aspects of #boucherlife.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Opportunities to Get Involved on Campus

There are a wide variety of clubs supported and promoted by the Boucher Naturopathic Students' Association (BNSA).

The Anatomy Club

Can you outline the pathway of the sciatic nerve, including spinal level origin, sensory and motor innervations, areas of possible impingement, and any associated conditions or special tests?

If "absolutely, YES" was not your answer, then the Anatomy Club is for you!

Come join your fellow physical medicine enthusiasts for one hour of anatomy and physical medicine review each week! We practice the basics to help solidify your knowledge and understanding of the body. Whether it is reviewing bony landmarks or practicing orthopaedic tests, we're committed to helping you build your foundational skills and boost your confidence as a practitioner!

The Bowen Therapy Club

Join The Boucher Bowen Therapy Club to learn more about Bowen Therapy, a gentle manual bodywork that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself of a variety of conditions including MSK pain, digestive, respiratory, and gynecological issues. The club offers anyone in the Boucher community (students, faculty and staff) an opportunity to experience a Bowen session first-hand while Bowen-trained students hone their skills. Guest lecturers from seasoned Bowen practitioners will allow students to see how the modality can be part of an effective naturopathic medical practice.

The Herb Club

herb clubThe mission of the Herb Club is to help provide and integrate a deeper and more practical understanding of botanical medicine for the students of Boucher. This will be accomplished through posting local botanical medicine related events, guest speakers on herbalism, guided forest walks, medicine making programs, documentaries & audio recordings and trips to local botanical gardens.


Natural Doctors International (NDI)

ndiNDI is a student run and led club that functions as the local Vancouver Chapter in the larger NDI Organization. NDI provides students with an opportunity to practice and utilize team work, communication, networking, and teaching skills as they fundraise and build awareness around global health in the community.

The NDI Club experience culminates in a volunteer trip and ten day Global Health Course to Nicaragua, where students work alongside holistic health practitioners in the local, non-profit NDI Clinic. During the trip, students log several hours of clinical experience conducting physical exams, collaborating with Naturopathic Doctors on treatment plans, preparing and dispensing natural remedies, and shadowing resident physical therapists and psychologists.

Through service, education, and community partnerships, NDI aims to increase the role of naturopathic medicine in the delivery of global health care, and promote holistic healthcare for all on a global level.


ndorphinsThe NDorphins are a team based around promoting physical activity in community events. The team was started in 2009 and initially included events like the Vancouver Marathon and the Vancouver Sun Run, completed in home-made jerseys!

Over the years, the team has become more professional and expanded to include events further away, like the Victoria Marathon series. It has also included events that are non-exclusive to running, like triathlons and the Tough Mudder.

Sports Medicine Club

The Boucher Sports Medicine Club is a student run organization aimed at promoting education, research, and therapeutics towards naturopathic pursuit of optimized health and human performance.

The scope of the club reflects the desire of its members to apply naturopathic modalities for the purpose of maximizing athletic performance. The Sports Medicine Club enriches the Boucher community by organizing training courses, participating in research, and hosting guest lecturers who will expand our knowledge of naturopathic therapeutics and sports performance.

Yoga Club

The Boucher Yoga Club provides students of all levels with access to a variety of yoga styles and traditional yoga teachings.

Practicing postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana), the Yoga Club helps to build a conscious and mindful community on campus.

The Boucher Yoga Club provides students with a means for stress management, increased concentration, increased awareness, and benefits for the physical body. Come join us today!

Our Library

Our Library

Our library is a light, airy room that accommodates quiet study and group work. We provide seven computer stations, a photocopier and electrically wired study carrels for personal laptop use. Our expanding library collection has over 6,800 catalogued books and audiovisual resources, as well as the following:

  • Reference or reserve copies of required and recommended texts for all academic courses
  • Periodicals on acupuncture, alternative and complementary therapies, Traditional Asian Medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine - both in print and on-line
  • Two homeopathic software programs
  • Six electronic databases accessible to students and faculty on and off campus
  • An extensive list of free electronic resources
  • Anatomic models
  • A collection of historical books significant to naturopathic medicine

The Boucher Institute was the chosen recipient of the Tzu Chi Institute's resource collection when it closed in 2003. This collection on alternative health research and treatment established a solid foundation for our growing collection.

For more information, contact Dawne Bohme, Librarian:

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