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Core Faculty

David Scotten, ND, Dean of Education

Bastyr University 1992, BSc (Kinesiology) Simon Fraser University 1987

Rochelle Heisel, PhD, Associate Dean of Education

University of British Columbia 2001, BSc Biochemistry University of British Columbia 1994 
Biomedicine I-VI

Kelly Fujibayashi, ND, Associate Dean of Education

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine 2004, BSc University of Victoria 1998
Biomedicine I-VI

Nikita Vizniak, DC, Chair, Physical Medicine

University of Western States 2001, BSc Thompson Rivers University 1998
Naturopathic Manipulation I, Anatomy I-III, Physical Medicine I-III

Andrew Vargo, MD, Chair, Biomedical Science

University of Saskatchewan 2004, BSc University of Saskatchewan 1998
Biomedicine I-VI, Medical Procedures

Chanchal Cabrera, MNIMH, AHG, Chair, Botanical Medicine

MSc University of Wales 2003, MNIMH, AHG, Horticulture Therapist 2005, Master Gardener 1999
Botanical Medicine I-V

James Lowe, MA, Chair of Naturopathic Counselling

Adler School of Professional Psychology 2002
Naturopathic Counselling I-VI

Clara Cohen, DTCM, Chair of Traditional Asian Medicine

TCM College 2003, BSc Grenoble University 1989

Karina Wickland, ND, Chair, Nutrition

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine 2006, B. Sc (Dietetics) University of British Columbia 2000
Nutrition II & III

Rachel Levine, Chair of Homeopathy

Parisa Saeedi Mepham, Co-Chair of Clinical Diagnosis

Jennie Weisenburger, Co-Chair of Clinical Diagnosis

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