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Current Projects

Research Education Program: Student Curriculum

The research education program is an innovative four-year program that provides students with first-rate research literacy skills - from the ability to conduct literature searches and critically appraise published research, to the practice of evidence-based naturopathic medicine in a clinical setting. Students are taught study design, development, methodology and analysis, and are encouraged to participate in student - or faculty - lead research projects, grand rounds and journal club sessions.

Upcoming Journal Club topics

Grand Rounds Schedule

Research Literacy and Practicing Evidence-Based Naturopathic Medicine (EBNM) Workshop: Naturopathic Physician Research Education Project

Faculty members and practicing naturopathic physicians within the medical community are offered annual workshops to expand their skills in research literacy and the clinical practice of evidence-based naturopathic medicine.

Participants become familiarized with evidence-based resources and learn to critically appraise relevant literature, while exploring how to apply the evidence in medical literature to clinical practice.

Naturopathic Case Reports

The Boucher research department is embarking on a project to collect and analyze case reports from naturopathic physicians. Shared case reports provide an important contribution to the progress of naturopathic medicine. Investigators will review and archive all cases received, and may recommend certain cases for publication (with authorization from clinician).

Naturopathic Physicians Research Network (NPRN) – British Columbia

Chapter practice-based research networks (PBRNs) are groups of ambulatory practices affiliated in their mission to investigate questions related to community-based practice and to improve the quality of primary and specialty care. PBRNs have become efficient laboratories for research in community-based care. Given naturopathic medicine’s empirical clinical basis, a PBRN-approach to research is a close fit for the most appropriate research questions in studying the practice.

Projects in Development

Currently there are no projects in development.

If you have questions feel free to contact the research department directly.

You are here: Home > About Boucher > Research > Current Projects