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Past Projects

Patient Retention

A systematic review of factors affecting patient retention in medical clinics.

Infertility Study

A literature review on the benefits of nutritional supplements for female and male infertility.

Patient Satisfaction Study

In keeping with our philosophy for patient-centered care, the research department, working in conjunction with the clinical education department, is conducting a study to explore patient satisfaction in the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic. Patients will be asked to complete a voluntary and confidential satisfaction survey during their visit. The findings from this study will be used to help the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic provide the best naturopathic care to our patients.

Pain Management Study

A study to assess the role of Bowen therapy versus conventional treatments in pain management.

Naturopathic Patient Database (Completed)

The Boucher Institute, in collaboration with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, developed the Naturopathic Patient Database, a virtual medical record program designed to track community health data.

The database allows researchers to follow illnesses treated, the treatments employed and the final outcome of naturopathic medical treatment. The database proved a unique clinical education tool - allowing clinic interns to assess the effectiveness of varying naturopathic treatment protocols.

Qualitative Study to Assess Factors Affecting Patients Returning for Naturopathic Care

Participants from the Patient Satisfaction Study will be interviewed about their experiences at the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic. The information collected will be analyzed for common themes. The findings will add to the above study, and help to inform naturopathic health-care services at the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

You are here: Home > About Boucher > Research > Past Projects