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 Published reports are a necessary step in the dialogue with other scientists about the approach and significance of research studies. Peer reviewed publications also form a key part of the scholarly research process by critically engaging with and building on previous work in a particular discipline. At BINM we are proud to have supported students and alumni in their efforts towards scholarly publications and will continue to encourage publication as part of our larger mandate to foster and strengthen a culture of research in the years to come.

Student Alumni Research Department

Hydrotherapy: A Promising Cancer Therapy

Erin Rurak, ND

Diet Therapy in the Treatment of Autism

Anita Bratt, ND

A Cross-sectional study of Patient Satisfaction and Patient Retention in a Canadian Naturopathic Teaching Clinic

Farzaneh Osati, MSc, PhD, ND, Patricia Wolfe, ND
Brenda Leung, ND, MSc,
Sarah Beasleigh, ND,
Karrin Fairman-Young, ND,
Chris Hergesheimer, BA, MA

Physical Medicine for Migraine

Robyn Prescott, ND

Needling yet? Facial Acupuncture for Beauty, Youth and Vitality

Katarina Holewa, ND

"An Unexpected Insomnia Treatment". Naturopathic Doctor News and Review, March, 2016.
Monique Hallee BSc.HK, ND
Chris Hergesheimer, BA, MA, PhD Cand

Beyond the Hormonal Triad: The Liver and an Important Source of Cortisol

Monique Hallee, ND

"Nature Rx: Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature."

Katie Smith, ND and Cyndi Gilbert, ND. Vital Link Vol 22, Issue 3 Fall/Winter 2015 (print access only).

"Health Conseuences of Living Near Wind Turbines and Solar Panels"

Shannon Morgenstern, ND. Vital Link Vol 22 Issue 3 Fall/Winter 2015 (print access only).

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