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Membership comes with perks!

As a graduate of the Boucher Institute, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association.

We welcome you to enjoy all the benefits and privileges that come with membership.

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Alumni Association


Welcome to the Boucher Institute Alumni Association!

We strive to create a truly interactive, compassionate and responsible educational community. This collaborative approach extends beyond the walls of the Boucher Centre and out to each member of our alumni.

Association Background

The Alumni Association was founded in 2009. Its goal is to develop a close working, productive and mutually beneficial relationship with all graduates of the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program. The association, while still in its infancy, is committed to each member and values all as vital stakeholders in the development, growth and success of the association and the naturopathic profession.

The first graduating class in 2004 had 11 members and to date we have 312 alumni.

We strive to:

  •  Encourage full participation from our alumni by providing a relevant, supportive and valuable association.
  •  Serve as the primary resource for the Boucher Institute in alumni programs and services, working with Boucher Institute departments and staff to promote maximum alumni involvement and benefit.
  •  Represent the interests of the Boucher Institute Alumni Association members by listening to your needs and ensuring open communication and dialogue.
  •  Continually research and discover new opportunities to involve alumni in the Boucher Institute community and foster a spirit of unity and collaboration.
  •  Recognize and celebrate alumni successes and achievements.
  •  Mentor and support alumni through a variety of relevant and valuable services to help achieve greater success in the profession.

 If you are a graduate of the Boucher Institute, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association and we welcome you to enjoy all the benefits and privileges that come with membership.

2015 Alumni Survey Results

Survey Background and Objective


In the winter of 2015 the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine surveyed graduates of the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program with at least one year’s employment experience to gather data on licensure rates, career satisfaction, income, income satisfaction, practice ownership, practice setting and location, and patient contact hours.

Response Rate


Boucher Alumni Services surveyed 223 alumni who graduated between 2004 (the first graduate class of the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program) and 2013. Seventy-four alumni completed the survey for a 33.2 percent response rate.

                                 Response Rate by Graduation Year




Total Graduates by year

Working emails



Response rate by grad year

Response rate from working emails







































































Ninety-seven percent of respondents indicated they are currently licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). The majority of respondents who are licensed (85.3 percent) practice in BC.

Career Satisfaction


Eighty-four percent of respondents indicated they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their decision to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

Here are a few quotes from respondents regarding career satisfaction:


Being an ND is great. So much flexibility with our license. The greatest advantage is that we are not bound by specialties... which allows me to help a patient in ALL ways--only restrained by my abilities and resources.” 2004 graduate


“I have my dream job and I couldn't ask for anything more out of a career!

Amazing network of colleagues and a wonderful lifestyle. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

being an ND.” 2006 graduate


Working with patients is very satisfying in itself. But it's been a long road with many ups & downs… Learning how to run a business has been a huge learning curve on top of the demands of practice…. But after 3 years, I've done well. It only gets better and easier. All the hard work is paying off.” 2011 graduate


Graduates in Practice


Eighty-eight percent of respondents are currently practicing. Of the respondents who are currently not in practice, 75 percent cited ‘raising children’ as one of the reasons why they are currently not in practice.

Gross Income


Sixty-two respondents indicated a gross annual income for 2014.

The mean gross income of respondents from ND-employment sources was $145,903.

Note: this figure factors in all survey respondents regardless of number of hours worked per week (see ‘patient contact hours’ below for gross income information based off hours worked per week).



                         Year of graduation


Note: this survey did not gather data for net income. As NDs typically run a private practice their business models, and thus expenses, vary widely. For example, some NDs run their own practice out of a rented office while others own a multi-disciplinary clinic where they employ other healthcare practitioners. Therefore, the net income of NDs varies greatly, dependent not only on business models, but also on other factors such as location, work hours, advertising costs etc.

In 2010 the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland (a fellow Council of Naturopathic Medical Education accredited college) conducted an income survey of alumni who reported 25 or more hours of employment per week. The survey gathered data on both gross and net income and reported a mean and median for each.   The results of the NCNM survey indicate that alumni netted the following percent of their reported gross income:

  • 0-4 years in practice netted approximately 39 per cent of their gross annual income;
  • 5-9 years in practice netted approximately 40 per cent of their gross annual income;
  • 10-14 years in practice netted approximately 37 per cent of their gross annual income;
  • 15-19 years in practice netted approximately 41 per cent of their gross annual income.

The percentages reflected are based off of mean gross income for all respondents. NCNM defined net income as “income after expenses and before taxes.” NCNM gathered both gross and net income but did not calculate the netted percentage of gross income (the Boucher Institute made this calculation from the data provided in the NCNM survey for purposes of this report).


The NCNM survey reveals that practicing NDs who report a minimum 25 hour work week net approximately 40 percent of their gross income before taxes. Using the data from the NCNM survey and applying the approximate 40 percent net to the mean gross income from the 2015 Boucher All Alumni Survey of $145,903, respondents to the Boucher survey would have netted approximately $58,361 in 2014 before taxes (note: this calculation was provided by the Boucher survey team to offer a rough idea of what an ND nets before taxes).


The National College of Natural Medicine Income and Employment Report is available here.

Income Satisfaction: Practicing NDs

Nearly 70 percent of respondents in practice reported ‘very satisfied’, ‘satisfied’ or ‘neutral’ income satisfaction. Twenty-two percent reported ‘very satisfied’ and 34 percent reported ‘satisfied’. For NDs with eight or more years of experience, forty-seven percent reported they were ‘very satisfied’ with their income.




Practice Location by Population

The majority (58 percent) of respondents practice in a large urban centre (>250,000); 19 percent practice in a small city (50,000 to 249,999) while 14.5 percent practice in a town (10,000 to 49,999).  

Those naturopathic doctors that practice in a small city reported the highest gross income at $174,538 relative to the overall average of $145,903.



Employment Setting

Just over 30 percent of respondents indicate they practice in a multidisciplinary clinic, while 29 percent practice in multiple practice settings and 26 percent share a private practice with other NDs.

Those who share a private practice with other NDs had the highest gross annual income of $232,519 (mean gross) from all sources.




Patient Contact Hours

Survey respondents were asked to indicate the total number of patient contact hours they average per week from the following choices: 0-10; 11-20; 21-25 and 26+. The survey designers considered 26+ hours to be full time (based off of a 40 hour work week with an average appointment length of one hour to 90 minutes not including administrative time).   Respondents were also asked to indicate if they ‘limited their patient contact time by choice’ or not (many NDs work part-time to take care of children or as a life-style choice).

 Twenty-two percent indicated they have a full patient load while 27 percent elect to limit their patient contact hours by choice. Half the respondents indicated insufficient patient numbers, with the majority (59 percent) of those having 11-20 patient contact hours per week and less than five years work experience.

Of the 17 naturopathic doctors who chose to limit their patient contact hours, 65 percent cited ‘raising children’ as the main reason.

The mean gross income of respondents in practice who reported 26 or more patient contact hours per week was $283,642.

The mean gross income of respondents who reported limiting their patient contact hours ‘by choice’ was $171,588.

The mean gross income of respondents who reported ‘insufficient patient numbers (25 or less hours per week) was $69,612.

Practice Ownership

Fifty percent of all practicing NDs indicated they own a practice while 71 percent indicated they opened a practice within two years of graduation from the Boucher program.


Nearly 30 percent of respondents own a private practice with other NDs, 22 percent own a solo private practice out of an office/clinic and 19 percent own a multidisciplinary clinic. Twenty-six percent own a practice and have secondary employment in areas such as research, government, and the natural products sector.

The mean gross income for the tax year ending in December 2014 ranged from $91,286 for respondents who own a solo private practice operating out of an office/clinic, to $279,111 for owners of a shared private practice with other NDs - a difference of 67 percent.

When all sources of income were included, those who owned a shared private practice with other NDs had a mean gross income of $323,888.


Employment Location: Practice Ownership

Of the 31 respondents who own a practice, nearly 40 percent own a practice in a large urban centre (>250,000) while 29 percent own a practice in a small city (50,000 to 249,999) and 23 percent own a practice in a town (10,000 to 49,999).  

The mean gross income varied widely as indicated by the chart below.


Gross Mean Income Practice Ownership by Location (n=31)



The data collected from 2015 All Alumni Survey offers information and insight into a number of areas regarding Boucher alumni experience, including licensure and practice rates, patient loads, practice ownership, gross income, and career and income satisfaction. The survey results offer information on how Boucher graduates are doing up to eleven years into practice and the data is useful for offering benchmarks to measure graduate success at various career stages.

The survey reveals a high practice rate as well as high career satisfaction. When the six alumni who indicated they were not in practice ‘to raise children’ are excluded (assuming they will return to practice at some point) the practice percentage is nearly identical to the licensure rate (95.9 percent relative to 97.3 percent overall). Clearly Boucher graduates are both happy with their career choice and are able (to this point of their careers) to justify staying in practice regardless of whatever challenges they face, whether financial, political, or otherwise.


This survey represents the first time the Boucher Institute has gathered income data from alumni spanning a ten year period in practice (two years in practice to eleven years in practice). Only gross income data was collected and certainly future surveys need to include net income figures to more thoroughly assess how well financially Boucher alumni are doing in practice. However, with 70 percent of alumni reporting ‘very satisfied’, ‘satisfied’ or ‘neutral with income it appears that the earning potential of naturopathic doctors is meeting expectations at most points of alumni careers. In general, career satisfaction appears to increase with experience as seventy-three percent of those naturopathic doctors who reported ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ have less than five years of practice experience.

Fifty per cent of alumni own a practice. This is a somewhat surprising statistic since 62.9 per cent of respondents to this survey who are in practice graduated between 2009 and 2013 (those with between two and five years experience). It was assumed by the researchers that graduates typically do not open their own business until about five years out in practice due to factors such as student debt loads, overhead in starting a business, insufficient patient numbers, risk and a lack of confidence and experience. Even more unexpected is that nearly 50 per cent of those that own a practice opened it within one year of graduation, and 71 per cent opened a practice within just two years of finishing the Boucher program. The far higher gross mean income of those that own a practice relative to those that do not (58.1 percent higher), however, is quite likely one of the main motivating factors for naturopathic doctors to start their own business.

Stay Connected

There are numerous ways to stay connected and contribute to the Boucher Institute community.

The Alumni Association is working to establish formal and informal alumni chapters across Canada, the US and overseas. Please contact us if you would like to get involved,

Stay connected with the Boucher Institute through lunch and learns, panel discussions and events. Our students are eager to connect with you and learn from your professional experiences. If you want to get involved please contact us, and don't forget to take a minute and check out the upcoming events.

We are always looking to profile members of our alumni through our Success Stories. Do you have an interesting story to tell about your time at the Boucher Institute? Would you like to be profiled on our website? If so, contact us!

As alumni, you are leaders in the field of naturopathic medicine. For patients, prospective and current students and the general public you represent a valuable resource with a wealth of experience in health-care and insight into areas of opportunity and growth.

Though naturopathic medicine has been a regulated profession in B.C. for 75 years, there remains a lack of solid information on the profession with respect to opportunities for employment, income, the transition from student to professional and more.

Every three years we put together an alumni survey that we send out to all Boucher graduates.  The next survey is planned for 2014.  Your feedback will help potential students make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the profession, and will be a valuable resource for educating others about naturopathic medicine.

The survey could take as little as 20 minutes of your time and is an opportunity to tell us about your experience in the profession as well as the strengths and challenges of the program.

Responses will be kept confidential, but career trends, statistics and other information on the profession may be shared (all identifiers will be removed in the analyses and presentation of the findings) with, but not limited to, prospective and current students, accrediting agencies, regulatory bodies, the AANMC - - and the Boucher Institute staff and faculty.

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact us directly at

Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect work environment to practice the profession you love? Do you need equipment, supplies or a space to rent? Are you hoping to come back to the Boucher Institute as an instructor or supervisor? Visit our Professional Opportunities section for these and more!

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre offers a residency program.
OICC Application form (download PDF).

Support & Services

Personal Counselling

Completing the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program and preparing for NPLEX II (not to mention the transition from student to doctor) can be stressful. To help manage the personal and professional challenges after graduation, we offer recent graduates complimentary counselling services until you successfully pass NPLEX II.
To book an appointment please contact Alumni Services at:

Access to the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic

As you transition from student to practitioner it is important to maintain mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Alumni Services now offers unlimited complimentary access to our Clinic at 435 Columbia Street in New Westminster for all new alumni (services end six months post-graduation).
Friends and Family members receive discounted visits up until six-months post graduation of the graduated doctor.  Please note: additional friends and family members may not be added after the last day the student is registered in the program.
Call the Clinic directly to book your appointment.  604-540-2873

Support from Faculty & Staff
Whether you need resources, expertise or a listening ear, the Boucher Institute faculty and staff are here to support you. Contact us at any time with your requests and we will do our best to support you:

Library Services
Alumni have access to our wide range of electronic journals and databases via eCampus.  Recent graduates will require an eCampus account, one can be requested from the Site Adminstrator at:
Alumni may also access the physical stacks in the library but are not able to borrow books or materials.

Transcripts & Diplomas
•      To order a copy of your transcript or diploma contact the Registrar directly.


Connect & Network

Another alumni benefit is the opportunity to connect and network with other Boucher Institute alumni who are working across Canada, in the US and overseas. The Alumni Association is working to establish formal and informal alumni chapters across Canada, the US and overseas. If you would like to get involved contact the Alumni Association directly at:

Reunions & Events

We are committed to celebrating alumni success. Every few years we hold an alumni appreciation event in the Vancouver area. This is a fantastic opportunity to see old friends, connect with other alumni and meet naturopathic physicians from the surrounding area.  The last alumni event was in 2014 and we are planning another event in the spring of 2016. In addition, alumni are invited to many Boucher community events, such as sporting tournaments and the Year End Party/Talent Show.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Do you want to expand your scope of practice or acquire new skills?  Learn about the latest offerings through our Continuing Education department via the Continuing Education dropdown menu above.

Transcripts & Diplomas

To order a copy of your transcript or diploma contact the Registrar at: or by phone: 604-777-9981 ext: 226

When requesting a transcript or diploma, please include the following details:

  • Number of copies
  • Address for mailing
  • Date and year graduating as listed on the diploma

Transcripts: $25 each plus $5 for each additional copy
* Extra charges rush or courior services may apply

Replacement diploma: $50

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