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Case for Support

Boucher: Educating a Different Kind of Doctor

The Boucher Institute: Educating a Different Kind of Doctor

What does it mean to educate a different kind of doctor?

It means small class sizes with an excellent student to instructor ratio. It means a commitment to contemplative education - encouraging prospective and current students, alumni and faculty to practice life-long self-reflection. It also means the most innovative educational principles, like hands-on situational learning, mentorship and a curriculum that is both integrative and holistic.

And it means encouraging our students and alumni to genuinely care for the community - whether it's through our satellite clinics that help under-serviced populations across British Columbia or a firm and practiced commitment to sustainability.

Quite simply, a different kind of doctor means a different kind of health-care and a different kind of society - one that focuses on disease prevention and understands health and wellness as both a right and a responsibility.

Educating the Next Generation of Naturopathic Doctors

Development at the Boucher Institute means more talented, committed and compassionate graduates leading change in health and wellness - both at home and around the world. It means more research into naturopathic medicine, improving quality of life and increasing our knowledge in areas as varied as oncology, diabetes, sciatica and clinical outcomes. It means acknowledging that this kind of growth requires a modern physical plant, a leading teaching clinic, a state-of-the art library and innovative learning methodologies taught by the most talented faculty. It also requires a commitment to life-long learning - through continuing education courses, lectures and symposia.


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You are here: Home > Donations & Support > Why Give? > Case for Support