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Natural Selections

Natural Selections a student-led newsletter, with each publication focusing on a different health topic.

We invite you to download them and enjoy!

VOL II - Issue 5: Focus on Men's and Women's Health
Ladies: Be Aware Down There! Menopause: What it is, Why it Happens and What to do About it... Clinic Q and A. Men's Health in 2011. Featured Food. Hormone and Seed Cycling, What Gives? Clinician Spotlight.
VOL II - Issue 4: Focus on Allergies and Detoxification
Understanding Allergies. Solutions to Reducing Seasonal Allergies. Detox Versus Drainage. Naturopathic Medicine Week.
VOL II - Issue 3: Focus on Cold and Flu

Boost Your Immunity to Ward Off Colds. Beat the Cold and Flu Blues. Recipe: Immune Boosting Soup
February 2011

VOL II - Issue 2: Focus on Rejuvenation

Soulful Gardening, Drift Off, Rejuvenation of the Spirit
October 2010

VOL I - Issue 8: Focus on Women

Many Moons of Change, Creating Hormonal Harmony, Anemia. There is Good News!, Stress: A Major Heartbreaker
December 2009

VOL I - Issue 7: Focus on Balance

Balancing Creativity and Career, Credit and Debit Checklist, Finding Balance with Food, Meditation: Balancing the Mind
October 2009

VOL I - Issue 6: Focus on Back to School

Makeovers: Are They Safe for Kids?, Brain Food, Healthy Lifestyle for Back to School, Bach Flower Remedies
September 2009

VOL I - Issue 5: Focus on Summer

Get Gardening!, Summer Skin Care, Summer Hydration: Drink Up, Soaking up the Summer in Healthy Fit Form
June 2009

VOL I - Issue 4: Focus on Active Living

Working in Working out, Activity in the Midst of Injury, Travelling the Active Way, Keep Moving in the Rainy Season
May 2009

VOL I - Issue 2: Focus on Kids

Homeopathy as a Treatment for Children, Getting Kids to Eat Healthily, Spring Time Seasonal Allergies, Kids and Colds
February 2009

VOL I - Issue 1: Focus on Allergies

Naturopathic Allergy Relief, Adjusting your Diet, Food Sensitivities 101, Saying Goodbye to Allergies
October 2008

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