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What if I don't have all my prerequisites completed by the application deadline and when can I apply?

You can submit your application when you are in the final year of your undergraduate studies or once your degree is complete. However, a candidate's application will not be evaluated for an interview until official transcripts, showing a minimum of 60 per cent or 'C', for at least 3.0 credits (half-year course) in one of the required chemistry courses and 3.0 credits (half-year course) in one of the required biology courses have been received by the Admissions Committee.

 Please note: you must submit a study plan stating your plans to complete the prerequisite courses if not yet registered, prior to the admissions interview.

Important: all of the specified prerequisite courses must be successfully completed no later than one month prior to matriculation into the naturopathic medical program. We must receive your official transcripts for all prerequisites and proof of degree completion in order to matriculate.

Why and when must I submit a clear criminal record check?

According to the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, all registered students in post secondary studies with a practicum component involving work with children, and the successful completion of which is a requirement for registration as a member of a governing body, must provide a criminal record check authorization to the Criminal Records Review program.

Students must submit the criminal record check after registration in school and prior to matriculation into year one of studies.

What is the course load like as a transfer student into Year 3 of the Boucher Institute program?

The curriculum at the seven CNME-accredited institutions varies in content, sequencing, and total credit hours which will affect the course load for transfer students to the Boucher Institute.

In many cases a transfer student will have to complete some courses that their cohort may have completed in years 1 and 2, which may result in a heavier course load in Year 3 (and possibly Year 4).  If a transfer student feels the course load is too heavy, the Boucher Institute strongly recommends he/she contact the Dean of Academics and/or Dean of Clinical Studies to discuss the options for better balancing the load.

The Boucher Institute will attempt to schedule a transfer student so he/she may graduate with the cohort he/she has transferred into, however, if the transfer student elects to reduce his/her course load it may delay the date of graduation.  Transfer students from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine typically have a course load and schedule that is mostly equivalent to the full-time course load of the cohort.  Please note: if applying from an institute without TOM/acupuncture, the transfer student’s graduation will quite likely be delayed by several terms as he/she cannot begin secondary clinic shifts until TOM 1-III is complete.

Transfer students will have up to 100 hours of Professional Development (e.g. outreach/community service at other institutions) to complete in final two years (depending on number of hours successfully transferred).  This will be determined after the offer of admission with the Director of Professional Development.

Important: upon acceptance the student will need to complete and submit a criminal record background check before commencing clinic shifts.

Students will also need to complete and submit a copy of Standard First Aid HCP-CPR at least two weeks prior to clinic entry.  Transfer students will need to submit a communicable disease screening form as per the Communicable Diseases policy and procedure and submit proof at least two weeks prior to starting a clinic shift.

 Please note: In general transfer students may find that certain components/courses of the Boucher curriculum will have a different depth or focus than the original institution resulting in more, or less credits needed to complete the final two years of the program.

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