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Selection & Interviews

Will I be interviewed once my application is complete?

Interviews are scheduled at the recommendation of the Admissions Committee. An interview is not automatic. Not everyone who applies or meets our stated minimum requirements will be contacted for an interview.

How are interviews conducted?

It is our policy to conduct all personal interviews on-site and in person. However, some candidates may be given permission under special circumstances to have a Skype interview. It is, however, in the applicant's best interest to interview in person, as the vast majority of applicants will interview in this manner.

When will interviews be scheduled?

For those candidates who have submitted an application prior to the application deadline, the Admissions Committee will review all applications and determine which are to be granted an interview. Interviews are typically conducted on Thursdays.

How are successful candidates selected?

The Admissions Committee reviews each application in full. Admissions decisions for our seats are based on a composite of information, including but not limited to the interview, personal essay, letters of recommendation, academic standing, educational preparedness and relevant professional and volunteer activities.

Each application is considered in relation to other applications for the upcoming intake. The Committee's mandate is to create a balanced cohort for the first year class. Because of our limited class size, not every qualified candidate can be admitted.

If I am offered a seat, what happens next?

Applicants who are offered seats in the program will be notified by phone or email. An official acceptance letter will be sent by mail, together with two copies of the enrolment contract. Successful applicants must sign and return the Boucher Institute file copy of the contract, together with the registration fee and tuition deposit in order to reserve a seat in the program. The ten per cent tuition deposit will be credited toward the total annual tuition. Details of the payment plan and refund policy can be found on the back of the contract.

You are here: Home > Prospective Students > Admissions FAQ > Selection & Interviews