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Waitlist & No Offer

If I'm not offered a seat do I still have a chance?

You may re-apply for future intakes if you are not offered a seat after your interview. Some candidates will receive an official letter indicating that they have been placed on the waitlist. Each year there are some accepted candidates who are unable to enrol in the program for various reasons. When that occurs a seat becomes available for a candidate on the waitlist.

If I'm not accepted, will I be told why?

The Admissions Committee does not disclose any of the reasons for their decisions. Each application is reviewed in full, and selecting applicants for our limited seats is a complex process based on a composite of information. Each application is considered in relation to other applications for the upcoming year. Not every candidate whose credentials meet our stated minimum standards can be admitted.

How can I improve my application for next year?

Each applicant is responsible for reviewing the criteria for admission on our website, especially the section on admissions criteria and requirements. Applicants are encouraged to re-apply if they have made some efforts to enhance their application, either through experience or training. It is wise to check with the admissions office to ensure that your proposed courses are relevant and acceptable.

If I re-apply do I have to send in an entirely new application?

Yes, all applicants who did not meet the admissions requirements, were not offered a seat, offered a seat and declined or offered a seat and cancelled must submit an entirely new application with all of the necessary fees. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to check our website for any changes to the admissions process or requirements. Please note the Admissions Committee does not defer candidates to a future intake.

You are here: Home > Prospective Students > Admissions FAQ > Waitlist & No Offer