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General Criteria for Admissions

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine evaluates all applicants in accordance with the constitutional guidelines that protect the rights of individuals. The primary objective of the applicant screening process is to assure that applicants accepted into the program have made an informed commitment to naturopathic medicine as a career and that there is a good match between the applicant’s goals and expectations and what the Institute’s unique program has to offer. Applicants must be temperamentally and morally suited to the profession, and must have a reasonable probability of successfully completing the program and becoming licensed to practice in a regulated jurisdiction.

The successful applicant is expected to:

  •  have demonstrated reasonable academic ability in previous educational endeavours;
  •  have reasonable knowledge of and realistic attitudes towards health and healing and towards naturopathic medicine in particular, understand the importance of self-care, demonstrate a reasonable understanding of holistic health care, and be able to discuss the role of the healer in the natural self-healing process;
  •  have some knowledge of and personal experience with naturopathic medicine;
  •  recognize the ongoing responsibilities inherent in a life of service to the community as a naturopathic physician;
  •  understand that naturopathic medicine is a rapidly advancing field in which there is a continuing need to update skills and knowledge by keeping current with journals and through continuing education;
  •  have realistic expectations regarding the income potential of naturopathic physicians, be aware of the potential for mental and emotional stress involved in this occupation, and have an understanding of the relationship of naturopathic medicine to other health care professions;
  •  have devoted sufficient time and energy to researching the naturopathic medicine profession and, considering personal goals and expectations, to be confident in this career choice;
  •  have an appreciation of the importance of diversity in society and demonstrate the maturity, emotional stability and physical ability necessary to engage in the activities required for naturopathic training and practice;
  •  demonstrate an ability for critical thinking and have good communication skills;
  •  discuss professionalism as it applies to the provision of health care;
  •  provide references as to character and ability;
  •  demonstrate adequate financial resources to become a full time student;
  •  understand that naturopathic medicine is an entrepreneurial undertaking requiring business skills and marketing acumen.

The Boucher Institute is aware of its responsibilities to patients who will be a part of the educational process and to future patients who will entrust their welfare to Boucher Institute graduates. As such, specific essential abilities and skills for naturopathic medical school students and for physicians have been defined and will be used by the Admissions Committee and / or Dean’s Council as appropriate, as criteria for admission to the naturopathic medicine program, for advancement through the program and as requirements for recommendation for graduation from the program.

A candidate for the ND diploma must have specific essential abilities and skills in the following areas:

1. Observation

2. Communication

3. Motor

4. Conceptual, Integrative and Quantitative

5. Behavioural, Social and Ethical

Details of the essential abilities and skills required are specified in our Essential Abilities and Skills of Naturopathic Medical Students and Physicians Policy available from the student services department.

You are here: Home > Prospective Students > Admissions > Admissions Criteria