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Other Scholarships & Bursaries

Below is a list of scholarships and bursaries that Boucher Institute students may be eligible to apply for. The following is not a complete list of opportunities, but represents those that we have found in which Boucher students may be eligible for.

Please note:
the following list serves as a resource to help our students in the search for awards to assist with financing the program and the cost of living.  While Student Services staff does their best to ensure this list is up to date, some of the awards may no longer be offered.

Bob’s Red Mill Naturopathic Student Scholarships
The Bob’s Red Mill Speech Scholarship is a contest honoring three students displaying oratory excellence every year. The contest begins with the creation of a three minute video on a grain of their choice posted on YouTube. The highest scoring video from each of the Naturopathic colleges is entered into a semi-final review where a group of judges then chooses three finalists.

The CourseMinded Online Course Scholarship
This highly competitive award is for those interested in online teaching & online learning. It's available for high school and college undergraduate students who are passionate about online learning. Students applying must list the online courses they've taught, have taken, or intend on taking, as well as why you're interested in online learning and what you think the future of online courses will look like. The website can be about any topic the student is passionate about.

Canada’s Luckiest Student (CIBC)
This competition is open to all high school and post-secondary students in Canada who have a single Student Life Network account.   The current Grand Prize Package offers a $20,000 CIBC Flexible Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).

Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown Indigenous Scholarship Program
The Holiday Inn Vancouver Downtown is proud to present its Indigenous Scholarship Program in which – each year – one or more qualified and deserving Indigenous students will receive a $2,000 scholarship with which to pursue post-secondary education. The scholarship will be awarded to the student(s) who best demonstrate – academic merit, financial need and a commitment to continuing education.

Indspire is a Canada-wide bursary/scholarship available in medical studies for aboriginal students.

Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme
The Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme offers the Edgar Kerstan Memorial Scholarship. Edgar Kerstan was a long-time Mensa member, active in the Toronto chapter, and he made a very generous donation to the Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme. This is the Mensa premier scholarship, with an annual award of $3,000.

Minerva Foundation
The Minerva Foundation has offered more than $2 million in awards to more than 1,000 women in BC since 2001.

NDNR Student Writer’s Scholarships
As a forum for the naturopathic community, participation in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR) has often been a vantage point for growth, communication and new collaborations within and amongst the naturopathic community. NDNR embraces what is unique to naturopathic medicine in the broader scope of natural medicine. It is in this spirit that we launch the 2nd Annual NDNR Student Writer’s Scholarship.

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming and Authority Scholarships
The SIGA First Nations Scholarship Awards provide opportunities to encourage education and continued learning.  SIGA takes pride in their commitment to providing opportunities for First Nations people. This commitment is realized through the SIGA First Nations Scholarship Awards. Since 2008, SIGA has provided $25,000 annually in scholarship funds to eligible First Nations students in Saskatchewan.

ScholarshipsCanada lists a variety of awards available to post-secondary students in Canada.

StudentAidBC Grants and Scholarships
StudentAidBC has a webpage that lists a variety of grants and scholarships available to post-secondary students.

StudentAwards helps Canadian high school, college and university students get ahead. StudentAwards offers Canada’s leading student platform, providing the money, support and connections they need to better manage student life. StudentAwards partners with top organizations who share our passion of helping make the lives of students better.

TransAlta Aboriginal Bursary Program  
Each year, TransAlta offers up to seven $3,000 bursaries to Aboriginal students attending full-time college or university programs and up to three $1,000 bursaries for those in full-time trades programs.

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