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ND Curriculum & Synopsis

Academic Calendar

For a full course outline and credits please download and refer to the Academic Calendar.

The academic philosophy as evidenced by the Boucher Institute's curriculum design strives to incorporate principles of both proven conventional academic wisdom and a mentorship program. Our commitment to small class size allows maximum flexibility in the incorporation of various educational methodologies including hands-on situational learning.

Approximately 3500 hours of instruction are divided among the five basic categories of courses which constitute the Naturopathic Medical Program academic curriculum:

Program Synopsis: 4-year track

1st Year

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Biomedical Sciences I

Anatomy I

Naturopathic Couseling I

Botanical Medicine I

Homeopathy I

Naturopathic Ethics

History and Philosophy I
Biomedical Sciences II

Anatomy II

Naturopathic Counseling II

Traditional Asian Medicine I

Nutrition I

Public Health

History and Philosophy II
Biomedical Sciences III

Anatomy III


Homeopathy II

Botanical Medicine II

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Microbiology I

History and Philosophy III

2nd Year

Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Biomedical Sciences IV

Naturopathic Counseling III

Traditional Asian Medicine II

Nutrition II

Physical Medicine I

Professional Development

Clinical Diagnosis I

Biomedical Sciences V

Naturopathic Counseling IV

Botanical Medicine III

Homeopathy III

Physical Medicine II

Microbiology II

Clinical Diagnosis II

Manual Therapies
Biomedical Sciences VI



Trad. Asian Medicine III

Physical Med III (2)

Nutrition III

Intro to Clinical Education

Clinical Diagnosis III

3rd Year

Term 7 Term 8 Term 9
Clinical Diagnosis IV


Nat Manipulation I

Homeopathy IV

Naturopathic Counseling V

Botanical Medicine IV

Naturopathic Clinic Arts & Sciences I
Clinical Diagnosis V


Nat Manipulation II

Trad. Asian Medicine IV

Emergency Medicine

Nutrition IV

Naturopathic Clinic Arts & Sciences II

Exercise and Rehabilitation
Clinical Diagnosis VI



Trad. Asian Medicine V

Nat Manipulation III

Botanical Medicine V

Naturopathic Clinic Arts & Sciences III

4th Year

Term 10 Term 11 Term 12
Master Class I

Nat Manipulation IV

Naturopathic Counseling VI

Naturopathic Clinic Arts &

Sciences IV
Master Class II


Professional Development

Clinical Ecology

Naturopathic Clinic Arts & Sciences V
Master Class III

Medical Procedures


Naturopathic Clinic Arts & Sciences VI

Professional Development

*Note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Periodic Courses

The following courses are delivered periodically throughout the 4 years of study:

  • Leadership (1.5 Credits)
  • Practice Management (3 Credits)
  • Research and Critical Thinking (3 Credits)

Anatomy Dissection Lab
The anatomy dissection lab is a six-day intensive course held immediately following the end of Term 6.

Clinic Hours
Clinic hours are interspersed with academic courses throughout years 3 - 4 beginning in Term 7.

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